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Personal projects and doodles

I'll just put a few things I'm working on for fun. Maybe I'll put other things later. Only time can tell.

I finally got around to make a platform where I can try different things. I wanted to have a place where I could dump small projects and a platform to learn new things. I used Jekyll for template-ing and Vue.js because I wanted to try it. I try to keep the site as small as possible so all the images are SVG stripped of any metadata. I wrote bit about how to make this site if you want to get started on your own.

I created a Cookie monster codepen. Using CSS variables and Observables, Cookie monster is able to move his right eye and follow your mouse. I saw DavidK Piano’s talk on Observables and CSS variables so I decided to try it out myself.

Based on the original Breakout. I added an extra ball and paddle, a bomb that you need to shoot before it turns red and drops, and two hovering portals. Can you reach 60? (Note that the game was made for Chrome on Desktop)

Snails, Operation Nightfall

Remember Worms… Snails, Operation Nightfall is a minature version made entirely with Vanilla Javascript. There are four levels and nine weapons to choose from. So pick a level and grab a friend. It’s time to play.

The game was programmed in 3 weeks (1 Nov - 22 Nov 2013) by four software engineering students at the University of Iceland.

My music

Sometimes I make a little music. I’ve played the piano since I was young. I also studied electronic music (where I made these songs), and the organ for a few years later in life. If you’re interested I did make my own rendition of “Don’t stop believing” for organ (PDF). The songs below vary quite a bit. Ranging from a movie score (Innrás) to a song made entirely from the sounds in an interview from 1967 (Sæból 1967 Remix). Maybe I’ll some more things I’ve made, but while we wait for that feel free to listen.