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23 Mar 2017

Ever thought about the dilemma of being stuck between wanting to take part in something, but fearing the consequences. It may be the irrational fear of telling someone a secret, news, or having an opinion. How people react to your every move. I don’t have a particular problem with this in everyday life. My issue rather how people would see you if they would never forget anything you say or do. The beautiful thing about not remembering everything is that your life isn’t marred by something minor in your past. Friends see you for who you are today and can change with you. You may have had an opinion at one point which you have forgotten about, but have changed it later and if you didn’t write it down it may be lost forever. By stating this opinion at some point on the internet, however, it has the potential to live forever.

This is kind of how I feel with the internet. It loves strong opinions, takedowns, and angry responses because we can put a tag on you as a person for eterity. There’s no room for change on the internet. No changelog to mark progress of you as a human being. If it’s boring it’s not read, but eye catching you are marked for life. I sometimes don’t feel like I can quite fit in.

So I’m going to write something private now, and post it publicly.

When you’re a private person in a public world… This is my try to fit in. Hopefully no one will read this so I can change my opinion later.